(not Marvel or GOT related 😁)

… but since we’re all here and not there, I figured why not — Oliver Solberg and Denis Giraudet win Olympus Rally!

This is an incredible accomplishment for Oliver Solberg. While I’m sure he missed the presence of Aaron Johnston beside him in the car, Solberg clearly did not suffer from the experience brought to him this weekend by Denis Giraudet. Watching Solberg drive at 100 Acre Wood, I felt he is a tremendous talent who would bear watching. Seems he is ahead of schedule. 

Let’s not diminish the driving of David Higgins and Craig Drew this weekend. By all accounts, the course and conditions were strong, with Olympus Rally taking its toll on cars and drivers/co-drivers alike. The #70 and #75 cars of Subaru Motosports battled these conditions and each other to build a substantial lead on the rest of the field. I am sure Higgins & Drew don’t plan on making the rest of the season easy for Solberg. 

If there was ever a year to have a bunch of frequent flyer miles and points for hotel stays, this is it. I wish I could attend every leg of the ARA championship series. All I can say is go to one of the remaining events, if you are near any of them. At the least, you will see some incredible driving. However, it’s possible you will get to witness a very bright star taking its place among the constellations. 

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